Protect your energy this Christmas

I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year.  I enjoy the excitement of it all and getting to spend time with the people I love.  While it’s a great time of the year, it can be stressful for some.  I know I sometimes feel a bit frazzled by Christmas Eve, all the parties, shopping and trying to get work wrapped up for the end of the year can take it’s toll.  That’s why you need to protect your energy, if you don’t then the fun comes out of Christmas and it becomes overwhelming.  Here’s my top tips for keeping calm and in control this Christmas:

  • Buy any last minute gifts online, tackling the shops in the week leading up to Christmas is a nightmare.  Most online stores do next day delivery too so you’re guaranteed it will arrive in time.

  • Give yourself a few booze free days, alcohol heightens stress and anxiety and can disrupt your sleep too.  If you’ve parties to go to try an alcohol free spirit like Seedlip – all the taste minus the hangover.

  • Know when to stop.  Try setting yourself a goal of when you will stop your Christmas preparations so you can start to relax and enjoy the holiday. 

  • Let go and relax.  There’s a lot of pressure this time of year to make everything prefect - to buy the best gifts and cook the perfect dinner.  Try and relax, take some pressure off yourself, it’s not about perfection it’s about having fun with the ones you love. One of the first years I cooked Christmas dinner for my boyfriend I forgot to put the turkey in – we didn’t end up eating until 7pm and it was one of the best Christmas days we had!

  • Enjoy yourself. Remember it’s your Christmas too so try to relax and have fun, laugh and be merry.

Merry Christmas from The Mind Tribe.

Anji McGrandles