Are you mindful or mindFULL?

Feeling good is an inside job.  If you want to be firing on all cylinders you need to start by sorting out the mind clutter.  A bit like a tidy desk – it’s impossible to do your best work if you are surrounded by chaos.    Tidy up the clutter and you take back the control.  Here’s my top tips for a spring clean upstairs…

1.       Write it down

An obvious one but you must start with the to do list.  By getting everything down on paper you can focus and see things a little clearer.

2.       Edit your commitments

This is a great process to undertake if you are feeling busy or overwhelmed.  Take a look at your commitments and see if there’s anything you can remove or reduce.  By doing this you can decide if you are making the best use of your time which leads on to my next point…

3.       Prioritise

Work out what needs to be done first and what can wait

4.       If you can’t change it drop it

You reduce your stress levels and boost your positive emotions when you stop worrying about things.  Accept things you can’t control and learn to feel comfortable with it.  

5.       Build in time to recharge

It’s good to carve out some time in your diary to relax and recharge.  Book it in like you would a doctor’s appointment or a meeting, if you don’t something else will fill that space.  Never feel guilty about taking time out to do something that’s essential for your wellbeing.