5 minutes hanging with Jess Wright on all things fitness and wellbeing

I got to catch up with the gorgeous Jess Wright and get the low down on her fitness and wellbeing regime.

Describe yourself in three words

Fun, ambitious, bossy

You look amazing right now, I’m guessing some of it is down to you Fi7ness programme - tell me a bit about your current regime?

I do my fi7ness programme which is a five day a week programme you follow for seven weeks for half an hour each day and it consists of full body and cardio depending on what day. It comes complete with three DVDs, resistance band and a fit ball. 

How do you keep yourself motivated?

From seeing the real results! I know if I put in the hard work I get good results and I feel best when I am fit and strong. 

Who inspires you and why?

My personal trainer Esmee Gummer as she is so positive and also real, it gives me the motivation I need. She has shown me that a positive mind set can get the right results. 

How important is exercise to your mental wellbeing?

Exercise is so important to mental wellbeing. It releases stress for me for sure. 

What do you do to chill out, do you have a self-care regime you follow?

I tend to watch TV, see my family & friends, and go to shopping! To relax I love a hot long bath with Lucy Bee bath salts. 

How do you deal with stressful situations or moments?

Not very well, lol. I’m a stress head apparently. Although I’m so much better now and that’s from having amazing people around me and not sweating the small stuff. 

For more information on Jess’s fitness programme visit https://www.fi7ness.com/

Phot credit: @jesswright77 Instagram