How a crystal sound bath can improve your wellbeing

Recently I’ve seen quite a few articles and posts about crystal sound baths and their amazing benefits so when Laura, owner of The Crystal Sound Lounge in London invited me along to try a crystal sound bath I jumped at the chance.  Laura and her team have hosted everyone from Elle Magazine, to Metro and recently, beauty guru, Trinny Woodall popped in to try a session.

So what’s a crystal sound bath you ask – well it doesn’t involve any kind of bathing, instead crystal bowls are gently rubbed with a baton to create sound waves that help the mind relax.  It’s a bit like a deep meditation but I found it a lot easier to switch off as less concentration and focus is required than with regular meditation.

A combination of tube disruptions and road works meant that when I arrived at the studio for my session I was feeling frazzled.  I was hot and harassed so a perfect candidate for an hour of relaxation.

The candle lit studio was instantly calming, and I settled myself on a mat where I was given a fluffy blanket, eye mask and pillow. The sound therapist, Chai started with a short, guided meditation to help me switch off and tune out.  He then began creating sound waves using the bowls, starting lightly and building up to quite an intense sound level.

The session was one hour but it felt more like 15 minutes.  I’d heard that people have different experiences, some falling into a deep sleep.  I didn’t sleep but I did at times feel slightly removed from the situation, a bit like I was asleep but awake and I know that’s a contradiction and sounds odd but that’s the best way I can describe it.  The sound vibrations loosened me up and I felt the tension of the journey leave me as my body sank into the mat.  It’s a really soothing experience, like being enveloped in a warm hug.  I honestly didn’t think of anything during the time I was in there, something I’ve never truly experienced before.  I didn’t want the feeling to end but gradually Chai began to bring us back into the room with some gentle breathing.

I literally floated out of the studio all the way home.  I felt lighter, my shoulders and muscles felt softer and less tense.  I can see why more and more people are turning to crystal sound baths to help manage the pressures and stresses of daily life.  Would I do it again – yes definitely and I’d recommend it if you are looking for techniques to tune out from a busy life.