Surviving January

Some of us bounce right into January armed with a long list of good intentions and a spring in our step.  For others January can be a struggle, it can leave you feeling unmotivated, skint and overindulged.

If you find it tough, here’s my top tips to feel more positive going into the year.

  • Plan something to look forward to, it can be anything from a holiday, trip to see friends or a pampering day

  • Set lots of smaller goals rather than big unachievable goals

  • Rather than jump straight into a juice or fasting diet why not start with making some small lifestyle choices.  Have a few weeks off the booze or try cutting out treats during the week

  • Try and move more.  If the gym isn’t your thing build walking into your daily routine or try a swim after work.

  • Don’t worry too much about what others are doing.  Focus on what’s important to you and follow your own path

The key to getting through January is to treat it like any other month.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make big lifestyle changes, yes set goals and strive to make improvements but don’t  do it just because it’s January.