The latest celebrity trend to boost your wellbeing

One of the hottest wellbeing trends right now is Cryotherapy.  Athletes and footballers have been using it for a while to help speed up muscle recovery, Mo Farah and Christian Ronaldo are big fans while outside of sport the treatment is becoming popular with busy, on the go millennials looking for ways to boost their immune system and wellbeing.

Health claims range from increased immunity, weight loss, improved skin conditions to shinier hair as well as supporting good mental health.  The treatment lowers your cortisol levels which helps you feel calmer and less stressed, so I went along to London Cryo to find out more about the treatment and its wellbeing benefits.

Ahead of the session I met with Eva, the resident expert who went over the process, so I knew what to expect.  I’ll be honest, I was slightly nervous about standing semi naked in a freezing cold tank for two minutes but in the name of wellbeing I was prepared to give it a go! I headed into the changing room where I was given a robe, socks and gloves, all of which are needed to protect your skin from the frigid temperatures. 

You have to remove all jewellery and can’t go into the cabin wearing body lotion as it reacts with extreme temperatures.  In just my pants, gloves, socks and robe I was starting to feel a bit vulnerable as I climbed into the cabin.  The treatment lasts just two minutes but as I stripped off the robe and the door closed it felt like a life time.  I was on a raised platform and my head was outside the chamber the whole time.  As soon as the door shut, I instantly felt my body kick into fight or flight to adjust to the freezing temperature.  The cold is almost breath taking but my body quickly adapted.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel like your skin is freezing.  I did have slight shivers and my legs were tingling, but that passes as soon as you get outside the chamber. 

Inside the cabin you are exposed to temperatures of -140. The extreme cold forces the blood to rush to the internal organs allowing them to be replenished with nutrients.  After two (very cold!) minutes the body starts to flow with oxygen rich blood, rejuvenating the skin, increasing energy levels, improving sleep quality and relieving overall stress.

There has been a number of studies into the mental health benefits of whole body cryotherapy and research reveals it releases endorphins, a group of hormones within our nervous system and brain that activate our ability to produce a feeling of well-being and analgesic effect (pain relief).  This can also have a positive effect on those experiencing mood disorders like anxiety and depression.  

After the treatment I definitely felt more energised, sharper and that night I slept like a baby.  I also noticed that my eczema was less itchy.    But don’t just take my word for it, in preparation for his role as James Bond in “Skyfall,” Daniel Craig is said to have turned to cryotherapy to maintain his physique and Jennifer Aniston is one of many females in Hollywood who rely on cryotherapy to keep their skin looking youthful and their figure in check. Treatments in the icy cold temperatures are said to burn about 800 calories in just three minutes.

This new wellbeing trend is becoming more popular with stressed out workers who are adding a three minute Cryotherapy session into their weekly wellness regime.  London Cryo offers a range of other treatments too including facials, slimming and toning and compression therapy.  They also administer vitamin drips and injections.   I’d recommend booking a session in the cabin if you are feeling stressed out or have had a hectic week at work, I will definitely be going back!

To book as session visit or call 020 7247 6230