Top tips for getting your workplace wellbeing programme up and running

With one in six employees currently experiencing mental health problems, taking a positive proactive approach to mental health at work can help you grow your staff and organisation. 

In a majority of cases, the causes of mental health problems are triggered by factors outside of the workplace, but these still affect people’s working lives. Our mental health influences how we feel about our jobs, our productivity and relationships with colleagues, customers and clients. 

I believe as individuals we are responsible for our own wellbeing, it’s down to us to proactively manage our emotional and mental health as best we can.  Employers and line managers are not counsellors, but they hold a duty of care towards their employees and should be able to signpost them and give them the support they need to maintain good mental health at work.   

While mental health campaigns and the support from high-profile faces has raised awareness for mental health in the workplace there’s still a long way to go.  A recent CIPD survey revealed 44% of employees said their organisation did not promote health and wellbeing.  In the same survey only 28% of employees said they knew what wellbeing benefits were on offer and how to access them. 

Implementing a wellbeing programme can be daunting and many businesses don’t know where to begin.  Here’s my top tips on getting your workplace wellbeing programme off the ground:

1.       Think about your existing culture and the type of wellbeing culture you want to foster.  What is it you want to achieve and how do you want your staff to feel about their place of work?  Once you’ve established this work backwards putting in place the steps and strategy to reach your wellbeing goal. 

2.       Staff engagement is key to making your wellbeing programme succeed so bring people along the journey with you, collaborate rather than dictate.   

3.       Make wellbeing part of your company DNA, include it in your induction packs, staff personal development plans and company values.

4.       It’s no good talking the talk unless you are walking the walk so lead from the top down.

5.       Put in place initiatives you can measure and will make an impact. 

6.       Make it fun!

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