Why does workplace wellbeing matter? Whilst there is a common misconception that workplace wellbeing is only of value to staff, there's a wealth of research that confirms a correlation between a happy, content workforce and an organisation's bottom line.

•    Each year 140 million working days are lost to sickness absence in the UK, costing UK employers an estimated £29 billion
•    The financial cost to British Business of mental ill health is estimated at £26 billion per year
•    Wellbeing programmes deliver an estimate ROI to UK business £4.17 for every £1 spent
•    High staff turnover can incur huge recruitment and training cost, as well as lost revenue while new employees embed
•    One in five people take a day off due to stress
•    An employer who actively promotes wellbeing is eight times more likely to have employee engagement  
•    Promoting good health at work can see a 25-40% reduction in absenteeism

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